Velvet Saints

About Us

The Musicians

Kevin Manning - Vocals 

Rachel Hagan - Vocals 

Jeff Epperson - Keys/Guitar/vocals 

Kevin McCreery - Guitar/Vocals 

Luca Bianconcini - Drums/Loops 

Our Music

Velvet Saints, have embraced the electronic sound made popular during the 1980’s. That’s where comparisons to today’s artists stop. Like Depeche Mode, the Velvet Saints provide a dark and confession-filled journey, which provides the listener a soundtrack for struggles that they may have or yet to face.  

Our sound

We draw on the strengths of each individual, which helped create an album that takes many twists. The Velvet Saints have proved that they have meshed elements of the electronic music, rock music, dance-floor friendly beats, with the energy of Mick Jagger! However, we aren't the classic rock band sound. 


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About Us

Exciting News

We are currently working on our third album! Make sure to subscribe for exclusive access!

Ric Raven Burkhead

Velvet Saints manager with 37 years in entertainment. 

For booking

Ariella Records

  Ariella Records signed Velvet Saints based in Louisville, Kentucky. Their latest album was mastered and co-engineered by engineers of Nine Inch Nails. Velvet Saints charted top College Radio Charts voted in by fans across the USA/Canada.  

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Head First Media

729 E Saint Catherine St, Louisville, Kentucky 40203, United States

(502) 637-1663


Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5pm